Computational Thinking training course

Computational Thinking training course
20/06/2022 – 21/06/2022
Engineering Faculty
Within the framework of CTPrimED – Erasmus+ project, the aim is to provide students & teachers with digital and Computational Thinking skills.

Monday, 20thJune
09:30 I Welcome & opening
10:15 I Roadmap presentation and overview
13:15 I Lunch break
14:15 I Your first hour of code with Kodetu online platform
15:45 I Tinkeringworkshop
17:30 I Closing


Tuesday, 21stJune
9:30 I Tinkeringwith micro:bit
11:45 I Learn binary code and how a computer thinks with MOONboardgame
13:15 I Lunch break
14:15 I Robotics with mBot
15:15 I Let’s integrate Computational Thinking at school level!
16:45 I Review, reflect and share
17:30 I Farewell & closing

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