Ángel Toña: “¿Sostenible o viable? Sobre economía, empresa y empleo en medio de la crisis”. BBVA lecture series

Ángel Toña:
09:00 – 10:30
Atrium. Calle de Ramón Rubial, 1 48009 Bilbao
The crisis has had a devastating impact on the labour market, causing the disappearance of many companies, an overall decrease in business activity and an increased competitiveness in a global market. As a result, the Basque Country has suffered a 15% fall in jobs, and there has been a sustained pay cut. It is therefore necessary to make a reflection on the actors, actions and responsibilities that gives a response to a fundamental right such as the right to work.

Next Wednesday, 3 June, Ángel Toña, regional minister for Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, will take part in the working breakfast of BBVA lecture series on “Empresa y banca responsable”, where he will give a lecture on “¿Sostenible o viable? Sobre economía, empresa y empleo en medio de la crisis”.

Places are limited. Please fill in this form to confirm your attendance.

Further information: 944 139 020

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