Course: Rumours, stereotypes and hate speech

Course: Rumours, stereotypes and hate speech
15:00 – 17:30
Explain the different strategies to combat the causes and effects of rumours and stereotypes on individuals and society.


  • Rumours, prejudices, stereotypes:  what do we mean?
  • Coexistence between different people.
  • Rumours and stereotypes experienced by migrants.
  • Guidelines and strategies for combating rumours and stereotypes: a key argument.
  • Hate speech and hate crime.

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  1. Estimado Señores,

    Me gustaría obtener la siguiente información: – ¿Cómo debo inscribirme en el curso “Rumores, estereotipos y disco del odio”?
    – ¿Se impartirá vía digital?
    Esperaré por vuestra respuesta.

    Un cordial saludo,

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