Deusto Summer School 2020 – Internationalizing your institution: thinking globally

Deusto Summer School 2020 - Internationalizing your institution: thinking globally
06/16/2020 – 06/30/2020
In nowaday’s context, internationalization is one of the most important aspects of higher education institutions’ strategy. Keeping up with globalization, new trends, digital transformation and situations like the current COVID19 crisis make internationalization a must for all institutions. However, the classic and static ways in which internationalization has been applied in Higher Education institutions has to change and adapt to new global scenarios.

The course is focused on Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions with a specific focus on potential internationalization strategy plans with the aims of:

  • Getting an insight on Internationalization concepts, challenges and processes.
  • Learning how to make a diagnosis of institutional internationalization.
  • Learning which internationalization at home measures can be undertaken
  • Designing a first scheme of participants’ internationalization scope using University of Deusto´s case study.
  • Developing new perspectives that will support the definition of the participants’ institution´s internationalization strategy (thinking out of the box).

Further information:

Website: Internationalizing your institution: thinking globally


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