DeustoForum. I feel, therefore I am. The power of emotions in our lives

DeustoForum. I feel, therefore I am. The power of emotions in our lives
19:00 – 20:15
Main Ceremonial Hall. Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
According to recent neuroscience research, emotions are our brain’s fastest and most adaptive response to internal and external stimuli, as they prepare our body to cope with them and guide us, in turn, to act rationally. Therefore, emotions, often forgotten, become a key element in the equation, directly influencing our decision-making and behaviour as human beings.

Knowing how to identify and manage what we feel not only helps us to know ourselves and boost our personal and professional growth, but is also key to the optimal management of teams and organisations. This protects us from possible manipulative attitudes, the result of particular interests or of a political or economic nature.

For all these reasons, this next DeustoForum meeting will highlight the power of Emotional Intelligence in improving our emotional and mental well-being, both individually and collectively.


Pablo Fernández Berrocal. Professor of Psychology. Director and founder of the Emotions Laboratory and the Master’s Degree in Emotional Intelligence at the University of Malaga.


Ana Estévez. PhD in Psychology. Lecturer and director of the Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology at the University of Deusto.



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