Workshop: Navegar en tiempos revueltos, ¿gladiadores o esclavos?

Workshop: Navegar en tiempos revueltos, ¿gladiadores o esclavos?
18:30 – 20:00
Sala B1 – Edificio Deusto Business School. Mundaiz, 50 Donostia-San Sebastián
Deusto Business Alumni invites you to take part in a workshop on motivation and support for difficult business decision making, entitled “Navegar en tiempos revueltos, ¿gladiadores o esclavos?”, which will be delivered by Loida Primo, business manager. This workshop will be held on Thursday, 1 October, in B1 Room at Deusto Business School, San Sebastian campus. The aim is to help participants to find resolute forms of reinventing themselves at a personal level to then transfer them to their professional lives. We can achieve outstanding results professionally through personal changes. The aim is to transmit to the audience how highly relevant decisions for our companies can be taken from a Gladiator’s professional experience and surely under uncertainty, because we do not know the final results, but never based on fear; how we can manage to trust our capacity for effort, struggle, work, despite the great uncertainty arising from leaders’ loneliness. Loida will provide us with the tools to fight like gladiators and achieve satisfactory results, based on proven experienced and short moments of her intense professional life.
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