Roundtable discussion: The end of life

Roundtable discussion: The end of life
18:00 – 20:00
Main Ceremonial Hall. Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
On 13 October, a roundtable discussion will be held entitled ” El final de la Vida“.

We will address the position, role, fragility and vulnerability of the health professionals assisting sick people who are suffering at these key moments at the end of life, the demands of these fragile patients and the bioethical aspects.

The aim of this conference, organised by the Medicine degree in collaboration with UNIJES Bioethics, will be to focus our gaze on people, on our patients, as health professionals.



  • Itsaso Bengoetxea:  Lecturer and subject coordinator on the Medicine Degree at the University of Deusto, palliative care doctor and president of the Guarantee and Evaluation Committee on Euthanasia in the Basque Country.
  • Julio Gómez: Doctor and Coordinator of the Palliative Care Unit at the San Juan de Dios Hospital.
  • Roberto Noriega: Lecturer in Theology at the University of Deusto, specialising in Bioethics and holds a Master’s in Bioethics from the Chair in Bioethics at Comillas University.

Date and time: Wednesday, 13 October at 18:00.

Venue: Ceremonial Hall,  University of Deusto

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