Proyecto europeo WHY – Second General Assembly & Consortium Meeting

Proyecto europeo WHY - Second General Assembly & Consortium Meeting
07/13/2022 – 07/14/2022
09:00 – 14:00
Auditorium. Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
The consortium of the European H2020 project: Climbing the causality ladder to understand and project the energy demand of the residential sector – WHY, holds the second meeting in our facilities at the University of Deusto. The event will be hosted by the Vice-Rector for Research, Rosa Santibañez. Different technical meetings will be held and also, on the morning of 13 July 2022, three sessions will be celebrated where different energy experts will talk about the measures that have been taken in certain member states to reduce the high cost of energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels. The second session will focus on the holistic evaluation of the implementation of a time-of-use tariff by an energy cooperative. The third session will provide an introduction to the following concepts: microgrid and community energy and will present European and global use cases. All three events can be followed by registering at the following link:


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