Deusto Entrepreneurship Week. Visit Deustokabi with Creaction!

Deusto Entrepreneurship Week. Visit Deustokabi with Creaction!
12:00 – 14:00
Creativity Room (E323). Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
On Monday and Tuesday, 14 and 15 November, on the occasion of the Deusto Entrepreneurship Week and as part of the  events held within the Global Entrepreneurship Week, some sessions will be devoted to the approximately 60 first year law students of Professor Silvia Lauzirika Aranzabal , led by Olatz Urquijo and Raúl Onaindia.

The sessions, entitled Visit Deustokabi with Creaction!, will consist of a treasure hunt with three activities in which participants will have a first insight into the world of entrepreneurship. In 30-minute intervals, participants will learn about the Creaction! training programme, the Deustokabi space and its support services, and will analyse a practical case study on the decision-making process an entrepreneur must go through.

After the main activity, on Tuesday 15 December, the three speakers will discuss the case studied in the previous session.

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