5th Security and Development Seminar: Russia’s challenge to the west

5th Security and Development Seminar: Russia's challenge to the west
15:00 – 19:30
Garate Room. Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
REGISTRATION REQUIRED AT: https://forms.gle/bRC77WrBZs5TXodb6

After having framed the conceptual tensions in the security-development dichotomy (2017), and having analysed the specific case of the MENA region due to its geographical proximity, as well as the challenges it poses for Spanish foreign policy (2018), the Eastern Neighbourhood (2019) and China (2021), the international news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine has lead us to debate the present challenge to the system of international relations established in 1945 and consolidated in 1991 at the end of the Cold War.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left Europe and much of the world in a state of shock, and has prompted united action on sanctions and measures taken to block Russia in the international community and limit its economic, military and political activities. Russia’s claims of a change in the European security order are being raised at this point. Furthermore, the illusion of Kantian “perpetual peace” and Francis Fukuyama’s widespread idea of the “end of history” that prevailed in the 1990s have come to an end. Finally, a change of era is confirmed with the emergence of a new geopolitical model that has revolutionised the international order and its main actors and factors.


15:00-15:15 Opening

Faculty authorities. Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. University of Deusto

Antonio Núñez García-Saúco. Spanish Ambassador. President of the European Institute of International Studies (IEEI).

Jesús Argumosa Pila. Major General (R). President of the Spanish Association of Military Writers (AEME).

 15:15-16:00 Opening lecture:

Tendencias geopolíticas en el primer tercio del siglo XXI, a cargo de Carlos Miranda, Embajador de España.

 16:00-17:00 Roundtable discussion 1 (Moderator: Antonio Núñez García-Saúco. President of the European Institute of International Studies (IEEI).

El impacto de la guerra de Ucrania en el orden mundial

Admiral (R) Jose María Treviño. Former MILREP and member of AEME

La guerra en Ucrania

GD (R) Jesús Argumosa Pila. President of AEME

La bipolaridad dual.

Dr. Eric Pardo. University of Deusto

El camino hacia la guerra en Ucrania: claves sobre la agresión rusa y posibles soluciones

 17:00-17:15 Coffee break 

17:15-18:15 Roundtable discussion 2 (Moderator: Dr Sergio Caballero. University of Deusto).

Impactos y reacciones a la guerra: Estados Unidos, Unión Europea y China.

Georgina Higueras. Director of the Asia Forum

La asociación de China y Rusia después de la guerra de Ucrania

Dr. Steffen B Rasmussen. University of Deusto

Interdependencia asimétrica y la disparidad de intereses en la UE frente al reto ruso.

Dr. Iñigo Arbiol. University of Deusto

La administración Biden y la apuesta por la defensa del orden internacional

18:15-19:15 Roundtable discussion 3 (Moderator: Dr. Sergio Caballero. University of Deusto.

Perspectivas de futuro. Las relaciones internacionales ante un mundo post-invasión

Dr. Rafael Calduch. Professor of International Relations, Complutense University of Madrid.

Aproximación al orden mundial en el siglo XXI

Dr. Cristina Gortázar Rotaeche. Professor, Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid

A peste, fame et bello libera nos Domine: el hambre como arma de guerra.

Dr. Alberto Priego. Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid

Perspectivas de una Rusia sin Putin

Col. José Luis Calvo. Director DICOES. Ministry of Defence.

19:15-19:30 Closing remarks

Dr. Iñigo Arbiol. University of Deusto.

Admiral (R) Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez. Secretary General for Defence Policy






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