Senior Housing Workshop: ¿hacia dónde vamos?

Senior Housing Workshop: ¿hacia dónde vamos?
09:30 – 11:00
Deusto Business School Madrid. C/ Castelló, 76 28006 Madrid
Deusto Business School and the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad are pleased to invite you to the Senior Housing Workshop.

The changes in the population pyramid pose significant challenges to advanced societies and offer attractive opportunities linked to the emerging silver economy.

In this workshop, we will examine the transformation of the real estate sector and the housing solutions of the future to meet the needs and specific characteristics of a growing senior population.

The event will be held on 17 February at 9:00 at DBS Madrid at Castelló street 76.


9:30: Welcome by Iñaki Ortega, Director of Deusto Business School Madrid.

  • 9:35:Lecture:  La prolongación de la vida activa y su impacto en la sociedad.
  • 10:00:Roundtable discussion: Senior housing, ¿hacia dónde vamos?
  • Rafael Puyol, demographer, founder of the Observatory of Demography and Generational Diversity and honorary president of SECOT.


  • José María García Urbano, Mayor of Estepona
  • Patxi Mangado, arquitecto y patrono de la Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad
  • Mayte Sancho, experta en Planificación  gerontológica y modelos de alojamiento
  • Sergio Gálvez, Director of Strategy, Investment and Alternative Development at AEDAS

Moderator: Enrique Barrasa, managing partner of Kiplai


Further information:
91 577 61 89

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