GastroLaw: Gastronomy and the Law (Deusto Summer School)

GastroLaw: Gastronomy and the Law (Deusto Summer School)
Gastronomy has always been a significant part of the cultural roots and historical traditions of every society. In that sense, the Basque Country is not an exception. On the contrary, gastronomy plays a vital role in its cultural life. Additionally, our culinary development has become a very significant element from an economic point of view, given its potential to attract tourism and investment, and to generate innovation. The Basque Country has an extremely rich culinary tradition that has culminated with the award of a high number of Michelin Stars to some of our restaurants. This course is aimed at filling a gap, since the analysis of the legal dimensions of the relevant aspects of gastronomy has been missing so far. This course will bring together scholars, practitioners and those who love the art of eating. The course will combine lectures by scholars and practitioners in the mornings with the activities of the social program during the afternoons.

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