Webinar | Exponential Technologies to Drive Disruptive Innovations

Webinar | Exponential Technologies to Drive Disruptive Innovations
17:30 – 18:30

Exponential technologies are those that allow change at an accelerated speed, facilitated by cost reductions and substantial progress in areas such as computing power, bandwidth and data storage.

The impact of these technologies is so big due to the effect known as accelerated convergence, which defines how the interaction between different technological subgroups create highly interesting opportunities.

Are you interested in exploring most exciting exponential technologies? Why are they critical for the accelerated convergence concept? How will they drive future disruptive innovations?

The session will take place on 18th October at 5.30 pm (CET) and will be delivered by Mónica Villas, Technology advisor and cofounder of Odiseia, and Paco Bree, Academic director of the Business Innovation Programme (BIP)

You are kindly invited to forward this invitation to any person who might be interested in the topic.


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