Digital alternatives in the banking sector: Fintech

Digital alternatives in the banking sector: Fintech
18:30 – 20:00
Ellacuria Room. Calle de Ramón Rubial, 1 48009 Bilbao
On Tuesday, 12 December, the fourth session of the Management and Technology Lecture Series, organised by Deusto Business Alumni – Alumni DBA jointly with SPRI will be held in the Ellacuria Room, CRAI Library of the University of Deusto, under the title: Digital alternatives in the banking sector: Fintech


Iker de los Ríos, Consumer Finance Manager at Fintonic, who will review the evolution of Fintech solutions and the global ecosystem growth resulting from the impact of digitisation on economy as a whole and consumer change. This review will focus on the new startups arising in the various vertical banking areas both globally and in Spain. Finally, he will explain in greater depth the Fintonic case as an example of a high-growth startup and solutions for personal finance management, funding and insurance.

Asier Uribeechebarria, General Manager of Finanbest, will speak about the current situation of retail distribution and saving in Spain and Europe. The evolution of the new alternatives worldwide, with a special focus on Robo Advisors. The main key challenges facing savers:  real diversification, active / passive management, market timing and other behavioural finance problems, costs, Finanbest presentation.

The roundtable discussion will be chaired by Massimo Cermelli, lecturer and researcher at the University of Deusto.

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