Technology Camp: Software development workshop for teenagers

Technology Camp: Software development workshop for teenagers
06/29/2015 – 07/10/2015
09:00 – 14:00
Campus Donostia
The fourth edition of the Technology Camp at the San Sebastian campus offers new workshops for teenagers. This initiative aims to introduce young people into mobile applications and multimedia websites during their holidays, combining leisure and technological skills.

About 50 teenagers aged between 13-17 will take part in a number of programming workshops that will be held from late June and will last two weeks. During these workshops, campers will be able to develop apps for android and publish them in Google’s market place. They will also develop a multimedia website by integrating video editing and photo retouching skills, key elements for any entrepreneurial project.

The University of Deusto, which offers a double degree in Business Administration + Computer Engineering at its San Sebastian campus, considers that this type of technology camps will enable future students to confirm or reaffirm their expectations about learning those skills that are inherent in Computer Engineering.

This launched project is similar to initiatives that have a long tradition in USA, where young students learn to programme at a very early age. In addition to San Sebastian, technology camps are also held in 25 Spanish cities in six autonomous communities. About 3,000 teenagers are expected to attend these camps this summer.


Further information:
-609 40 23 10

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