Deustalks with Joseba Orueta, managing director at Kutxabank Gestión

Deustalks with Joseba Orueta, managing director at Kutxabank Gestión
19:30 – 21:30
Sede Deusto Business School en Madrid. C/ Castelló, 76 28006 Madrid
Deusto Business Alumni invites you to take part in the Deustalks session that will be held on Thursday, 18 January at Deusto Business School in Madrid. This time our keynote speaker will be Joseba Orueta, managing director at Kutxabank Gestión, who will give a talk on the economic outlook for 2018.

The current debate on this topic focuses on the following issues:

– Solid, synchronized global growth at the regional level.

– USA.: The tax policy gives new impetus to a very advanced economy in its growth cycle.

– Europe: A virtuous circle? Investment as the next driving force?

– Emerging: China and commodities, key factors.

– Inflation as the great absentee in this film.

– Intense academic debate on salaries: Is the Phillips Curve dead?

– Central Banks in a slow stimulus withdrawal process.

– FED: rate increase and balance reduction

– ECB: End of the QE and start of rate increase.

Light refreshments will be served in the hall following the session.

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