Deustalks: Trends in Human Resources 2023: Work in the Future

Deustalks: Trends in Human Resources 2023: Work in the Future
19:30 – 21:00
Sede Deusto Business School. Castelló, 76 – 28006 Madrid

On Thursday, 6 October,  we will be holding a Deustalks event in Madrid, in collaboration with PKF Attest, under the title: Tendencias de los Recursos Humanos en 2023: el trabajo en el futuro.

This time, we will be holding a roundtable discussion with the participation of Isabel Emparan, director of HR services at Econocom Spain, Sandra Escobedo from management and development department at Kutxabank and the HR director of the VASCO Group, José Pascual. The event will be moderated by Teresa Areizaga, partner at PKF Attest.

Everything has changed with the arrival of new technologies and new generations and the labour market is undergoing a major transformational change. Workers now have other needs such as family reconciliation or greater independence on their part. The new profiles move with great ease in the digital world, and want to develop their talent and creative abilities. In turn, many companies are looking for workers who can adapt to flexible working conditions, are collaborative and want to work in a team. And let’s not forget about attracting and retaining talent and the great challenges that companies face in terms of human resources.

We will talk about all this and much more at the Deustalks event in Madrid.

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