Deusto Summer School 2020 – Football and data

Deusto Summer School 2020 - Football and data
07/13/2020 – 07/17/2020
Nowadays, knowing about data science in the sports field, and specifically within football, is not only a trend but a need that many teams and sportsmen have to achieve a better performance.

It is becoming increasingly easier to measure what an athlete does, which is why data science and its application to football allows us to improve what that athlete can do. From this point of view, throughout these five days, our aim is to establish the relevant data interpretation models and the management of the most relevant standards, both from a training perspective (GPS format and exercise designers) and a competition perspective (eventing and tracking).

The programme will cover the following topic areas:

– Frame the relevance of the application of advanced analytical techniques around data science.

– Artificial intelligence techniques for their application in football.

– Use of one of the most used languages by data analysts (R) and its possibilities and applications within football.

– Analysis of the determining KPIs in football.

– Industry of data providers and their use to improve the preparation of the players, matches, teams, etc.

Further information: 

Website: Football and data


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