Meetings for debate: “Countries in conflict, future prospects and challenges”

Meetings for debate:
15:30 – 17:30
Campus Bilbao Locales Deusto Campus. Edificio Central, Entre planta
The Emigrados Sin Fronteras Association, in the search for the construction of a territory with an identity and with the challenge of identifying perspectives and conflicts framed from the local to the global and vice versa, invite the university community and citizens in general to reflect and build knowledge and critical awareness of the implications of the territory of origin/acceptance in the defence of human rights, through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

In this sense, this meeting  will analyse the most visible land caravan of migrants that aims to reach the United States, being the most dangerous land migration route in the world. According to the IOM (International Organization for Migration), since 2018 to date, 258 people have been killed, 41 of them, minors.

We will analyse and discuss through the life story of a migrant, who has reached the USA using this migration corridor, facing kidnapping, extortion, torture and execution by criminal networks, in many cases with the complicity of national authorities.

On this basis, we will discuss the aggressive migration policies that the US and Mexico have adopted in recent years, which mean that more and more people are trapped in a bureaucratic web that forces them to return time and again to the same context of violence from which they were trying to escape or to wander through increasingly insecure territories.

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