Motivational sessions for students with Bibiana Ballbé

Motivational sessions for students with Bibiana Ballbé
16:00 – 17:00
We invite you to participate in the next Motivational Sessions for Students that we will be holding to help you improve your skills!

The Careers Department and Deusto Business Alumni, in collaboration with the Banco Sabadell Foundation, do not want you to miss the opportunity to meet Bibiana Ballbè, a journalist and founder of

She will talk to us about The 21 keys to creativity.

Learning to unlearn. There are no codes, norms or decalogues that are valid for creativity. There is something genuine in it that escapes any attempt to explain it. 21 keys that are the result of the effort to synthesize in a clear, simple, practical and inspiring way some of the things we have learnt during this time from the creative community and, also, from many readings, ideas and visions of gurus such as Paul Arden, Austin Kleon, Ken Robinson or Stefan Sagmeister.

Everyone is talking about it. It makes us more productive, more efficient, happier. Companies value it more and more. But what is creativity? What are its origin and future? How is it enhanced? What is its economic and social impact? It may start right after the 21 included in this talk but it has to start at some point. Are you ready to unleash it?

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