#MusicPote. Leire and Xabi Landa (Visabis)

#MusicPote. Leire and Xabi Landa (Visabis)
19:00 – 19:20
Instagram @udeusto
Deusto Campus offers you… #MusicPote! An opportunity to put aside your daily chores, prepare whatever you fancy to drink, or simply sit down in front of your mobile phone and enjoy  the musical entertainment offered by our university community (students, lecturers, alumni…) for 20 minutes. Every Thursday at 19.00, a different artist will try to create a small oasis for you on the University of Deusto’s instagram account. (@udeusto).

The Visabis duo consists of Leire Landa, a student on the double Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Law and her brother Xavi. Their musical careers began in their childhood, when they took piano and guitar lessons at school. They have always rehearsed together at home and now their love of music has become one of their main hobbies, going beyond the walls of their living room. During the last two years they have performed acoustic concerts of pop and rock songs in several bars in Bilbao.

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