#MusicPote. Luis Suárez (Indian Feathers)

#MusicPote. Luis Suárez (Indian Feathers)
19:00 – 19:20
Instagram @udeusto
Deusto Campus offers you … ¡#MusicPote! An opportunity to put aside your daily chores, prepare something to eat or drink, or simply sit in front of your mobile phone and enjoy the musical offerings of our university community (students, faculty, alumni …) for 20 minutes. Every Thursday at 19.00, a different artist will try to create a small oasis for you on the the University of Deusto’s instagram account (@udeusto).

Indian Feathers was created in 2014, when Luis Suárez, Josu González and Josu Vergara met in the first year of their Communication degree at the University of Deusto in San Sebastian, and decided to form a band that helped them channel all their energy into indie punk. Born in the middle of the digital transition, between the millennials and the Z generation and with very musical boomer parents, they took a little from each generation to produce energetic, lively music and full of feeling. They have played in bars, clubs and gaztetxes all over the Basque Country (including Martutene prison) and in Madrid and Barcelona. After presenting their latest EP available on Spotify, Líneas Tangentes, they have been selected out of 116 bands for the Kutxa Kultur Musika programme, where they are receiving professional advice on the music industry and are currently preparing a new album.

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