Deusto Entrepreurship Week. BeeJoin Gymkana

Deusto Entrepreurship Week. BeeJoin Gymkana
10:30 – 11:30
Arrupe Bridge
BeeJoin is an entrepreneurship project that was created to give a response to the following questions:

How often have you stayed at home because you did not have anybody to do sport with and did not feel like going alone?

Or… how often have you gone crazy seeking people for that match you wanted to play with your friends because there were not enough players for both teams?

Or…are you a physiotherapist, a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a referee or a sports shop with great qualities but find it difficult to get promoted and find customers in this new world 2.0?

This project was created as a comprehensive sports platform, and when we are asked to summarise it, we say: the Blablacar of sport.

To launch BeeJoin, we will be holding a simultaneous Gymkana 2.0 in two cities: Bilbao and Granada on 21 November.

¿A Gymkana? Yes, participants will have to follow a route overcoming various tests and challenges.

¿2.0? Yes, there will be a number of online tests (using our blog, Facebook and Twitter) and offline tests to create a dynamic competition.

Simultaneous? Yes, it will be held in both cities at the same time as the teams from Granada and Bilbao will have to cooperate in a really enjoyable challenge in the last test.

You can register alone or in group, and it is totally free. There are several prizes: for the final winner but also for the winners of some of the challenges in the tests.

Further information and registrations at or on our Twitter and Facebook profiles. Follow us and click on ‘I like it’!

You can contact us by email at or by Whatsapp on tel: 665741541.

Will you miss it?


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