UNIC – CityLabs Lightning Bites: How AI is changing the way we work, teach and learn

UNIC – CityLabs Lightning Bites: How AI is changing the way we work, teach and learn
09/11/2023 – 09/13/2023
13:30 – 14:30
Online. Online
The UNIC CityLabs ‘Lightning Bites’ Series provide 30min lightning bites online: short talks from diverse perspectives and addressing the societal challenge themes faced by our cities in transition, accompanied by on-site interactive activities. They provide a platform to cross-fertilize thinking and action across the alliance. Through the CityLabs ’Lightning Bites’ series we invite speakers to share their experience, expertise and ideas for action, and invite wider campus/public engagement with the topic through interactive experiences on campus or in the city.

In this era of digital transition, there is no doubt AI is and will continue to change how we are working, teaching and learning. These talks will consider the diverse perspective and cross-cutting implications of AI for learning – from literacy to ethics, from course design to skills development, from the future of work to the student experience today, from learning environments on campus to learning cities. Join us for a week of bite-size lightning talks where we explore what are the challenges and opportunities ahead, and ask what one thing can we do now to help us navigate the transition?


Language: English


Registration: free of charge upon registration through this form  


For more details and contact: unic.ud@deusto.es


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