2nd Policy Forum Tuning India project

2nd Policy Forum Tuning India project
09:30 – 13:00
The 2nd Policy Forum of the Tuning India project will take place online next 30th September 2021.

Both Tuning India and RISHII projects are specially designed to promote regional and international cooperation between universities. The involvement of policy makers and decision makers in the discussion of projects’ findings is extremely important for sustainability of results and overall impact.

Policy Forum serves as a platform that allow participants to discuss current strategies and future trends in higher education in India and worldwide, to share their experience, knowledge and vision in related subject areas, to discuss the project findings and its impact in the modernisation of higher education in India. The Policy Forum is also aimed to support informed decision-making in higher education policy of India, provide evidence-based contemporary data on competence-based approach, and present good practices in the implementation of the project results.

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