Deusto Summer School 2020 -Big Data Analytics

Deusto Summer School 2020 -Big Data Analytics
2020/07/20 – 2020/07/24
Managing and processing large volumes of data, or “Big Data”, and gaining meaningful insights is a significant challenge facing the future of many companies. As a consequence, many business are demanding data analytics competencies for the job positions that are opening. This has a significant impact on a wide range of domains, including health care, marketing, human resources, digital economy, finance, etc.

Despite considerable progress in high performance, storage capacity, and computation power, challenges remain in identifying, clustering, classifying, and interpreting a large spectrum of information. That’s why it is necessary to acquire skills and knowledge in the fields of analytics, machine learning, and high-performance computing.

Thus, the goal of this workshop is to train professionals capable of completing cycles of data analysis (extraction, management, processing and visualization) to offer business analytics services to organizations, companies and individuals. Accordingly, participants will learn to master the main technologies of analysis and processing of large volumes of data, as well as other tools to enhance the value of the analyzed data and thus allow organizations to make more informed decisions.

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Website: Big Data Analytics


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