“Fear Narratives” and their Role/Use in the United States (Online mode)

“Fear Narratives” and their Role/Use in the United States (Online mode)
2021/03/24 – 2021/03/26
Welcome to the 15th International SAAS Conference, organized by the University of Deusto, Bilbao, in the online mode, next March, 2021. We hope that the conference theme, “Fear Narratives”, will be a source of inspiration for all the participants.
This year is proving one of the most challenging periods in recent times, but hopefully this Conference will contribute to help us navigate our academic work and give us an opportunity to showcase the resilience of the SAAS community.
Due to the difficult circumstances derived from the Coronavirus pandemic at the moment, the Organizing Committee, the SAAS Board and the SAAS General Assembly have jointly decided, not without regret, that the 15th SAAS Conference will be held in the online (remote) mode in order to protect the health of all participants.
Despite this change in format, we are still convinced that this academic gathering will adequately fulfil all its traditional purposes. In fact, it will be our task from now on to make sure that we exploit all the comparative advantages of this new format to the best of our capacities.
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