Webinar: The Art of Leadership: Changing Employee Behaviour

Webinar: The Art of Leadership: Changing Employee Behaviour
17:00 – 18:00

Today’s leaders are required to come up with disruptive solutions in the short term, while they still need to keep a vision for the future, especially when their organizations are facing social, technological and market changes.

These processes involve a behavioural change and require the alignment and motivation of the employees. It is, in fact, a task that falls to the leaders but it is never expressly stated in the description of their jobs. We can call it coaching or training and it consists in influencing and modifying the behaviour in order to improve results both, their own and those of the company.

However, how can it be achieved? where must emphasis be placed in the development of the employee? how are results of this change of behaviour obtained?

With the objective of answering those and further questions, Deusto Business School and IMD jointlly invite you to exchange insights with Shlomo Ben-Hur, a professor in IMD, who will present some of the ideas contained in his book Changing Employee Behaviour: A Practical Guide for Managers.

The webinar will be held online on 15th July at 5 pm CET.

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Further information:

Nerea Pérez Dorca
Email: nereaperez@deusto.es
Tel: 915 776 189

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