Advancing research on protection in the context of humanitarian action

Advancing research on protection in the context of humanitarian action
11/07/2018 – 11/08/2018
Library (CRAI). Calle de Ramón Rubial, 1 48009 Bilbao
The Workshop “Advancing research on protection in the context of humanitarian action” will take place on November 7 and 8 at the University of Deusto. The event organized by the NOHA Faculty in Deusto with the collaboration of the Network of Universities in Humanitarian Action (NOHA) and the initiative United against Inhumanity (UAI) wants to be the first of the series of workshops of NOHA Series of Workshops on Protection in Humanitarian Action.

The workshop has two parts. The first part will provide an initial overview of global changes and current crisis trends and their implications for the protection of at risk individuals and communities as well as key challenges and dilemmas faced in the protection of humanitarian action. It would outline the context to discuss in the following sessions different perspectives and theories that can improve understanding of protective action and protection challenges and opportunities as well as inform practices geared to enhancing humanitarian protection.

Further information: workshophumanitarianaction.deusto

In the afternoon of the 7th November a consultation of the United Against Inhumanity (UAI) initiative will take place. The aim of the consultation is to review the rationale and objectives of UAI and gather the reactions and feedback from professionals and academics coming from various sectors and organizations. UAI aims to mobilize a global movement to increase the reputational damage for states and non-state actors perpetrating or facilitating crimes against humanity and failing to meet their responsibilities under IHL and refugee law.

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