Corporate Entrepreneurship Club with Borja Bergareche, Innovation Manager at Vocento

Corporate Entrepreneurship Club with Borja Bergareche, Innovation Manager at Vocento
09:00 – 10:30
Deusto Business School Madrid. C/ Castelló, 76 28006 Madrid
Deusto Business School will be holding a new edition of Deusto Business School’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Club, a permanent forum for discussion and knowledge of the best international practices in open innovation. The club’s commitment is to encourage better change management in big companies with the help of entrepreneurs and innovators.  The forum is usually organised as a business breakfast for some 25 executives from big companies. Each month, one executive is in charge of openly sharing his/her firm’s experience in this relaxed atmosphere.

This time the guest speaker is Borja Bergareche. Since 2014 he has been Innovation Manager at Vocento, the largest daily press group in Spain. He led the implementation of the new Vocento Media Lab and is currently responsible for the company’s innovation project. A lawyer and journalist, he has been digital deputy director, correspondent in London, editor in chief for the international area of ABC newspaper, and has also written in El Correo (Bilbao), El País and La Nación (Buenos Aires) newspapers. He is a European consultant of the Committee for the Protection of Journalists of New York and in 2011 he published “Wikileaks Confidencial” on the implications of leaks for international press and diplomacy. He is a lecturer in the Master’s in Journalism by ABC/Complutense and he formerly worked as an advisor on international and constitutional affairs at the European Parliament and the European Commission. He is a graduate in Law from the University of Deusto (Bilbao) and Master’s in International Relations from Columbia University (New York), with a Fulbright award. He was born in Bilbao in 1977; he is married and has three children, Max, Lola and Luis.


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