Colloquium on World Languages and Cultures 2017

Graphic design: Anne Manero

Graphic design: Anne Manero

03/08/2017 – 03/09/2017
10:00 – 13:30
Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
Wednesday, March 8. Classroom 413

9:45 Introduction and Welcome

10:00 “Feel the energy of Russian celebrations” Alisa Dorofeeva

10:30 “La literature egipcia: Naguib Mahfouz y Yousef Edris” Salwa Mohamed

11:00 “Too Huge a Theme for Too Slight a Treatment: Toni Morrison´s God Help the Child” Aitor Ibarrola

11:30 “The multifaced Ukrainian culture-the development and history” Daria Marienko

12:00 “Translation & dubbing: a challenge?” Asier Altuna, Clara Grammelstorff, Alize Menendez, Marta Miguel and Marta Sanchez

12:30 “The Language and Culture of Turkey” Esra Ece and Birgül Issever

13:00 Round table “Study Abroad Experience” Katya Mironova, Alisa Dorofeeva and Daria Marienko

Thursday, March 9. Classroom 001

10:00 “Euskal Hotzak ahoskatzen web orriaren aurkezpena” Rosa Miren Pagola

10:30 “El príncipe del cuento en el mundo árabe: Yusuf Idris” Salwa Mohamed

11:00 “The difference between: a) Ukrainian and Spanish mentalities b) Ukrainian and Russian Languages” katya Mironova and Oksana Basishin

11:30 “Writing Chinese and Japanese” Jon Ortiz de Urbina

12:00 “Learning the speech patterns of a Spanish as an L3: the case of vowels” Miriam Diaz

12:30 “Implicit versus explicit vocabulary instructions in the SLA classroom” Zuriñe Alonso

13:00 “Los que abandonan las Omelas: crítica social en la industria musical surcoreana” Ana Isunza and Esther Fuentes

13:30 Round table “After graduation, what´s next?” Amaia Villaño and Sage Shaw


Organizing committee Nagore Barrena, Ane Castro, Arantza Gonzalez, Inhar Gonzalez, Anne Manero, Iñigo Martin, Almudena Martinez, Uxue Martinez, Ainhoa Orue-Etxebarria, Maite Santiago, Amaia Villaño and Jon Franco.

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