Lunch Discussion with Carlos Sallé, Director of Energy Policies and Climate Change at Iberdrola

Lunch Discussion with Carlos Sallé, Director of Energy Policies and Climate Change at Iberdrola
14:00 – 16:30
Torre Iberdrola – Planta 24. Plaza Euskadi, 5 – 48009 Bilbao
DBA Alumni invites you to participate in the Deusto Business Alumni Lunch Discussion with Carlos Sallé, director of energy policies and climate change at Iberdrola, with a talk entitled ‘Challenges and opportunities in the fight against climate change’, which will be held in collaboration with Iberdrola.

Climate change and its anthropogenic origin is a reality that generates various problems of exponential growth, here and now. Scientists have been warning us about it for a long time. And the reality of adverse weather events across the planet is showing us this. Spain is one of the countries most affected by climate change. It is necessary to change the model of unsustainable production and consumption and this is everyone’s responsibility: governments, private sector, NGOs, citizens, universities, etc. The fight against climate change is not only an ethical obligation, but it is feasible to carry it out effectively thanks to the impressive advances in low-emission technology, generating many opportunities for those who aim to decarbonise the economy in their area of ​​responsibility. Social, legal, regulatory and financial movements are increasingly urging for this change to take place, adding risks to those who have decarbonisation strategies.

Thi event will be held on floor 24 at Iberdrola Tower, on Tuesday 4 June at 14:00.

You need to register and show your ID card to enter the building.

As there is an access control at the entrance, we recommend you arrive by 13:40.

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