Talk on Corporate Entrepreneurship “Not all the smart people work for you”

Talk on Corporate Entrepreneurship
19:00 – 20:30
Icaza Auditorium. Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
When Sun Microsystem co-founder uttered this statement, he was certainly not aware that the model that economists Chesbrough (Berkeley) and Christiansen (Harvard) respectively called open innovation or corporate entrepreneurship would be the paradigm of economy at the time.

Some of the issues addressed in this talk are entrepreneurship as a vehicle for innovation and one of the paradigms of the new economy, and how large corporations have adopted the mindset and business models of start-ups as a tool for growth.

The keynote speaker is Iñaki Ortega, PhD in Economics, university lecturer and innovation consultant. He is programmes director at Deusto Business School. He was general manager of Madrid Emprende since it was created in 2005 until June 2014. He is a regular writer of economic articles, has co-authored 10 books, two of them as a single author: “Políticas públicas para los emprendedores” (2012) and “Millennials. Inventa tu empleo” (2014). He has been director of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in Madrid since 2010. He advises governments, universities and large companies on the implementation of their open innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem programmes. All this background and his work as a member of the Basque parliament have given him a systematic perspective that have made him become  one of the leading experts on entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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