Discussion: The importance of competence-based education for schools

Discussion: The importance of competence-based education for schools
16:00 – 17:30
Traditional teaching methods have become outdated to meet current social needs. Competence-based learning is presented as an appropriate approach to develop students’ skills and prepare them for their professional future. This approach allows students to use their knowledge and manage their own learning process.

The University of Deusto and Andrés Bello University (Chile) will be holding this seminar to learn about experts’ experiences, opinions and tools for competence-based teaching both in the classroom and from the educational management perspective at a school and higher education level.


Ignacio Muñoz, Director of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education, Andrés Bello University, Chile

PhD in History, Ignacio Muñoz has developed his career in the field of consultancy, advice and management of educational projects.


Jesús Marauri, Continuing Education Coordinator at the University of Deusto, Spain

A graduate in Teaching, a degree in Pedagogy and a PhD in Education, Jesús Marauri has focused his professional career as a teacher, teaching adviser and researcher in the field of education.

Merkat Bernaola, Director of Begoñazpi Ikastola, Spain

With a background in teaching, anthropology and project management, Merkat Bernaola has experience as a teacher, head of Non-Formal Education programmes and director of studies in Secondary Education.

Marco Muñoz, Director of Postgraduate Programmes at Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile

An expert in teaching and educational management, Marco Muñoz has extensive experience as a director of Chilean educational establishments and teacher both at a school and university level.

Date: 23 September

Time: 9:00 Peru, 11:00 horas Chile, 16:00 horas Spain

Mode: online

Free registration: click on this link.

Organised by: University of Deusto and Andrés Bello University

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