DBA Afterwork with Maite Aperribay, founder of Helmet House

DBA Afterwork with Maite Aperribay, founder of Helmet House
18:00 – 20:00
Restaurante Chin Chin. Garibai, 5 – 20004 Donostia
On 12 May, Deusto Business Alumni will be holding a DBA Afterwork adapted to the current regulations in force at the  Chin Chin Restaurant in San Sebastian, with a limited capacity of 50 people. This event is organised in collaboration with financial institution: Kutxabank.

Maite Aperribay, founder of Helmet House, will give a talk entitled: Effort and hard work as the driving forces behind the adaptation of an industrial past to a present dominated by the service sector.

Having solid roots is vital for any business venture we embark on to be not only sustainable but also successful. In this case, those roots include – of course – in addition to a team of committed, hard-working and loyal people, and, therefore, essential for the success of this project, a long professional track record – that of Maite Aperribay – firmly rooted in a marked industrial family background. This, after being developed and nurtured in different small and medium-sized companies, of which she has always felt a part, both for better and for worse, has finally blossomed into a beautiful project that we know today as Helmet House Concept Store.
In short, Maite has been able to recognise the spirit of entrepreneurship, sacrifice and work characteristic of the industrial past of Eibar from which she comes,  and to exploit and combine it with her own experience, until it became the seed of this professional adventure that Helmet House is today. This adventure is, no doubt, driven by enthusiasm and the confidence and certainty of things well done, as long as we keep in mind “where we come from and where we are heading towards” and we make an effort and believe deeply in our project, in ourselves and in our people.

On this occasion, with the catering of the Chin Chin Restaurant, where the DBA Afterwork will be held, and the coverage of our media partner Spendin magazine.

Only Deusto Business Alumni members will be able to attend the event for young people.

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