Deustalks on “Redes sociales y pymes: Un nuevo escenario social”

Deustalks on
19:30 – 21:00
Sede Deusto Business School en Madrid . C/ Castelló, 76 28006 Madrid
Alumni DBA will be holding a lecture entitled “Redes sociales y pymes: Un nuevo scenario social” in Madrid, as part of Deustotalks lecture series. The social media have taken on a new role in the business world. For any business, a strategic presence and constant updating in the social media universe are vital. Experts from QDQ media will shed light on these new scenarios and reveal how to take full advantage of them.

José Luis Alonso, Digital Strategy Manager at QDQ media, will offer a general overview of the digital landscape in Spain today. He will make a segmented analysis of the types and characteristics of each network, consumer habits and behaviours and their potential as a marketing tool. It will also be attended by Borja Aláez, Social Media Marketing at QDQ media, who will address the new forms of communication in this dynamic social scenario, where the roles of companies and customers converge, creating new rules of the game. He will reveal the day-to-day business life in the social media and how to act in the different situations faced by companies. The aim is to learn about the tools to optimise social presence and the keys to improve online brand reputation.


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