UD language forum

UD language forum
03/12/2024 – 03/14/2024
11:00 – 14:00
Auditorium. Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
En los días 12, 13 y 14 de marzo se celebra el Foro UD de lenguas, una actividad que en esta ocasión cuenta con un programa como el que sigue:

Tuesday, March 12

11:00-11:15     OPENING ACT

11:15-12:30     Sheila Queralt (Laboratorio SQ-Lingüistas Forenses) – Descifrando crímenes con palabras: la emocionante aventura de la Lingüística Forense

Chair: Irene Barberia (UD)

Lingüistas de hoy. Profesiones para el siglo XXI (2023). Entrevista a su autora, Sheila Queralt.

Chair: Francisco Soguero y Nicolás González (UD)

12:30-12:45     BREAK

12:45-13:00     KAHOOT COMPETITION (1)

13:00-13:30     ROUND TABLE 1: MoveIn Students

Chair: Ainhoa Huici (UD)

Emma Katja Renate (University of Leipzig)

My year in Bilbao – Studying at the University of Deusto

Hannah Dear (University of Mississippi)

Being an international student at the University of Deusto

Maite Wu (UD)

Participating in the Tandem Program


13:30-14:00     ROUND TABLE 2: MoveOut Students

Chair: Aitor Ibarrola (UD)

Ainhoa Huici (UD)

Erasmus in South Korea

 Urko Rodríguez (UD)

Erasmus in the United Kingdom


Izaro Olano (UD)

Erasmus in Ireland


Wednesday, March 13


11:00-11:45     Lorena Ronda (UD)

Palabras que venden: marketing a través de las lenguas

Chair: Maialen Elguezua (UD)


11:45-12:30     Kristina Bilbao (EHU/UPV) & Ane Berro (UD) –

Gero ikusten gara elkar

Chair: Maren Bidaurratzaga (UD)


12:30-12:45     BREAK

12:45-13:00     KAHOOT COMPETITION (2)


13:00-13:30     ROUND TABLE 3: 4th Year Internships

Chair: Maria Jesús Pando (UD)

 Itziar Mendizabal (UD)

My experience doing internships in different places


Nerea Aragonés (UD)

My internship experience in a language academy


Jone Alberdi (UD)

Doing the internship in summer


13:30-14:00     WORKSHOP 1: Facing the TFG.

Chair: Krisztina Szecsenyi (UD)


Alexandra Granados & June Etxeandia (UD alumni)

Ups and downs in the process




Thursday, March 14


11:00-12:00     Irene de la Cruz (UD)

How infants acquire their language(s)

Chair: Garazi Domínguez (UD)


12:00-12:30     ROUND TABLE 4: What comes after?

Chair: Asier Altuna (UD)

 Ainhize Vela & Victoria Gutiérrez (MFPS UD)


Irati de Nicolás (former professor at U. Chicago and Etxepare irakurlea)


Video presentation: Almike Vazquez, on her work at Amazon

12:30-12:45     BREAK

12:45-13:00     KAHOOT COMPETITION (3)


13:00-13:30     WORKSHOP 2: On going TFG

Chair: Josu Bijuesca (UD)


 Jon Zabala (UD)

Changes in the 20th century Basque literature: Analysis of the situation of national allegory from a post-nationalist point of view.


Ane Salazar (UD)

Attitude and perception of students on what is a good pronunciation in English language


Libe Urrutia (UD)

Brains behind second language teaching: understanding second language acquisition from a neurolinguistic perspective.


13:30-13:45     CLOSING ACT

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