“Gender and Equality from an Institutional Perspective: Strategies and Actions”

12:00 – 14:00
Within the framework of the European UNIC Alliance and the CityLabs, a VMP (Virtual Meeting Platform) will be held on June 6 with the aim of sharing the challenges common to three cities of the UNIC alliance, Bochum, Liège and Bilbao, in relation to the inclusion of institutional policies on gender issues.

Gender equality is one of the key challenges facing society today. It takes many forms around the world, including pay, employment opportunities and access to education. In Europe, young women are just as likely, if not slightly more likely, to obtain a Master’s degree than their male counterparts. However, the likelihood of women going on to obtain a doctorate, a post-doctorate, a permanent position and to climb the scientific and academic career ladder decreases with each step.

The upcoming event, hosted by the UNIC Universities of Liège, Deusto and Bochum, will explore the issue of gender from an institutional perspective with experts from the UNIC Alliance and will focus on how universities contribute to gender equality through different strategies and actions.


Language: English.

Registration: free of charge, upon registration through this form.  

 For more details and contact: unic.ud@deusto.es


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