International workshop: “Building sustainable competitiveness futures through transformative research”

International workshop:
06/26/2023 – 06/27/2023
09:00 – 16:30
Foro. Camino de Mundaiz, 50. 20012 San Sebastian
The Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) Network celebrated its 20th Anniversary during the annual MOC workshop held at Harvard Business School in December 2022. As highlighted in the book published to mark this anniversary, MOC knowledge has generated important impacts in the Basque Country over these twenty years. Deusto University first taught an MOC Programme in 2003, and Orkestra was founded in 2006 as a dedicated competitiveness institute that continued to teach MOC programmes and has played a leading role in the research and engagement activities of the MOC network.

To celebrate 20 years of MOC impact in the Basque Country and share knowledge that can guide the next steps in building sustainable territorial competitiveness through transformative research, Deusto University and Orkestra will host an international workshop.

The objectives are to:

– Share and discuss what has been learned by Orkestra and other members of the MOC network (and beyond) about transformative research that can strength the competitiveness and wellbeing of territories.
– Analyse the challenges (and solutions) facing research institutes, university departments and academics that want to do transformative research that impacts on the sustainable competitiveness in their territories.

The workshop is built around contributions (papers or papers in progress) from both within and beyond the MOC network that respond to elements of two key questions related to the overall theme of building sustainable competitiveness futures through transformative research:

What for? What is territorial competitiveness? What will shape the competitiveness of territories in the future? How is territorial competitiveness related to sustainability? How is territorial competitiveness related to wellbeing?

How? How can we contribute as researchers to the sustainable competitiveness of our territories? Which strategies, methodologies, institutions and capabilities are needed to do transformative research related to territorial competitiveness in practice?

Info and registration

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