Seminar on Circular Economy in Spain

Seminar on Circular Economy in Spain
09:30 – 11:30
Deusto Business School Madrid. C/ Castelló, 76 28006 Madrid
The circular economy is one of the systems most used today by those who advocate seeking more sustainable alternatives to the current linear economic model.

More and more institutions and companies develop strategies to move from “produce, use and throw” to “recycle and reuse”, in order to promote a new model of society that optimises materials and waste, giving them a second life.

With the aim of discussing the circular economy and the latest developments in this field in Spain, Deusto Business School, in collaboration with Madrid Business Forum and Ecoembes, invites you to attend the Seminar on Circular Economy in Spain.

The seminar will be held on 11 May, at 9:30, at Deusto Business School in Madrid (c/Castelló 76). 

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09:30 – Seminar Opening

  • Hilario Alfaro. Chairman, Madrid Business Forum
  • Oscar Martín. Chief executive office, Ecoembes
  • María García-Rodríguez. Secretary of State for the Environment

10:00h – Discussion

Moderator:  Iñaki Ortega Director, Deusto Business School Madrid

10:15 – Round table discussion

  • Javier Cachón. General Manager, Environmental Quality and Assessment
  • Garbiñe Henry. Lecturer, University of Deusto
  • Vicente Galván. Director, Environment Competence Centre. Ferrovial
  • Borja Lafuente. Sustainability Integration Manager Iberia. Danone
  • Luis Moreno Jornada, Environmental Board member, Madrid Business Forum

Moderator:  Begoña de Benito. External relations manager, Ecoember

11:30 – Coffee

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    Estoy interesada en poder acudir a la jornada, pero el enlace para inscribirme no funciona….

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