Presentation of Deusto Business Alumni in Santander

Presentation of Deusto Business Alumni in Santander
19:00 – 20:30
Sede la Obra Social de Caja Cantabria . Tantin, 25 – 39001 Santander – Cantabria
Deusto Business Alumni invites you to take part in the presentation of the Association that will be held on Tuesday, 29 September, at Caja Cantabria’s Community Work office (Calle Tantín, 25) in Santander. The presentation will be attended by representatives from Deusto Business Alumni – DBA Alumni, with Agustín Garmendia, chairman and general manager, José San Blas, who will talk about the process carried out until the four preceding alumni associations merged. Light refreshment will be served after the presentation, and participants will have the opportunity to share their questions and suggestions with the association’s representatives.

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