EDI Experiment stage final event

EDI Experiment stage final event
02/18/2019 – 02/19/2019
09:00 – 17:00
Auditorium, University of Deusto. Lorenzo Prestamero 1 4C
16 European companies defend in the Deusto Auditorium their data-driven solutions for well-known European Corporations


The aim of the EDI – European Data Incubator H2020 project is creating new companies and products in the area of Data Science and Big Data, which enable a step forward of the Data Economy in Europe. This project is coordinated from DeustoTech-Societal Challenges research unit by Dr. Diego López-de-Ipiña. It ambitions to give place to 15 new successful companies in Europe in the area of data analytics.


On 18th and 19th February, 16 SMEs and startups, currently involved in the EDI incubator, coordinated by University of Deusto through the Faculty of Engineering/DeustoTech, will participate in the final event which closes the so-called EXPERIMET stage. After 4 months of work, the 16 selected companies selected in the previous stage, i.e. EXPLORE where they defined a product mock-up, will defend their new products (MVPs) and the associated Business Plans that ambition to position those products in the market. They will defend their solution both from the technical point of view, i.e. they will explain the algorithms and data processing advanced techniques they have used, and from the business point of view, i.e. the Business plan and model designed for successfully bringing their products into the market. A public event will take place on Tuesday 19th February from 9:30 to 4:30pm at the Auditorium of University of Deusto. In it, the 16 companies involved will offer a 10’ long pitch, to defend their products. Besides, they will answer questions for 5’ from a jury. Those interested on the event are welcome.

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