VIII Multidisciplinary Workshop on Indigenous Peoples (EMPI) – Dilemmas of Legal Pluralism

VIII Multidisciplinary Workshop on Indigenous Peoples (EMPI) - Dilemmas of Legal Pluralism
06/01/2017 – 06/02/2017
09:00 – 18:00
Garate Room. Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao
Legal Pluralism refers to a context in which two different legal systems interact and coexist. Both legal orders are valid as to their foundation and legitimacy. The recognition of the existence of indigenous law is one of the main achievements by indigenous peoples themselves in the last decades both at domestic and at international level. Indigenous legal systems have struggled for survival for centuries in a context in which the hegemonic legal systems of nation-states imposed and “colonized” indigenous legal orders. Both domestic Constitutions and ILO Convention 169 (1989) and the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples (2007) acknowledge the legitimacy of indigenous legal systems, but refer to international human rights as the limit to the application of indigenous law. This workshop is aimed at analyzing the process of recovery of indigenous legal systems, and the social, political and communal dilemmas posed when these local systems have to coexist both with state law and with international human rights law.

The areas of interest of the workshop are:

– Legal pluralism and new colonialisms

– Coexistence and coordination between indigenous and state legal systems

– Indigenous justice systems

– Indigenous law and the rights of indigenous women

– Jurisprudence on indigenous peoples

– Indigenous law, inter-culturalism and human rights

– New Latin American constitutionalism and legal pluralism

Paper proposals (max. 300 words) in Spanish, English or Euskera are welcome to be submitted by email to: before 20 March 2017. A CV  summary (max. 100 words) will also be included.

By 12 April 2017, proposers will be notified whether their proposal has been accepted.

Más información y programa: aquí.

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  1. Me interesa la propuesta, la idea y la temática que se planifica por que son temas que hacen a la realidad la actualidad demanda abordar esos temas q urgen.

  2. Estimados:
    Soy el primer escritor indígena argentino. Solicito de su gentileza, si es que está a su alcance, me informen en qué evento sobre pueblos indígenas puedo presentar mi libro Inkariuma. Manual de acción política indígena.

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