Webinar: What will company-customer relations be like after COVID-19?

Webinar: What will company-customer relations be like after COVID-19?
17:00 – 18:00
Online (a través de Zoom)
The extraordinary situation we are experiencing is transforming us as a society and as individuals. Reality, as we knew it, is behind us and after this quarantine we will not be the same in many aspects, one of which will be our behaviour as consumers and our relationship with companies and organisations.

Now more than ever, the humanist vision acquires relevance by placing the person at the centre.

In order to look ahead and reflect on the changes in the post-COVID-19 client, Deusto Business School invites you to a free webinar given by the Academic Director of Executive Education Programmes and Professor of Marketing at the University of Deusto, Marta Aguilar, on 12 May, at 17:00 (Spain time).

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Places are limited. Only people who receive confirmation via email can attend the webinar.

Further information:

Nerea Pérez Dorca
Email: nereaperez@deusto.es
Tel: 915 776 189

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  1. Buenos días Nerea: En mi rol de Relaciones Institucionales y en la labor que estoy desarrollando con empresas, me interesa mucho este Seminario. Por favor, ¿Me podrías confirmar asistencia al mismo? Muchas gracias. Un abrazo, Susana

    1. Hola Susana,

      Confirmo tu inscripción al evento.

      Un saludo,

      Nerea Pérez
      Deusto Business School

  2. A pesar de estar inscrito, ayer no funciono el enlace de zoom, por lo que no pude asistir, ¿Pueden enviarme la presentacion?

    Muchas gracias

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