Lecture: La Gestión de la Innovación como motor de la Competitividad Empresarial

Lecture: La Gestión de la Innovación como motor de la Competitividad Empresarial
19:00 – 20:30
Cámara de Navarra. c/ General Chinchilla, 4 Pamplona
The path to greater competitiveness requires companies to manage innovation; that is, managing change based on knowledge and value creation. Companies should lead an ongoing process of detection, promotion and implementation of new products, services and processes to be more attractive to their customers and more profitable for their organisations. Any business innovation should help to improve their profit and loss accounts. For this reason, it is necessary to implement innovation processes in companies, manage innovation and, above all, not to fear failure.

Francisco Gonzalez Bree holds a PhD in Business Administration from Kingston Business School, London, and an MBA from Edinburgh University Business School. He is currently Academic Director of the Master’s in Business Innovation at Deusto Business School. He has also been Marketing Manager in Anboto, named the world’s best startup in 2010. He has held executive positions in several multinational companies for over 15 years and has proven, extensive experience in supervising the business plans and models of a large number of start-ups.

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