Launch of the Ada Byron Award for Women Technologists Chile 2022

Launch of the Ada Byron Award for Women Technologists Chile 2022
17:00 – 18:00
Teatro del campus Antonio Varas – Providencia, Santiago de Chile
Julio Castro, Rector of Andrés Bello University, and Dr Alex Rayón Jerez, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Digital Transformation at the University of Deusto, Spain, are pleased to invite you to the presentation ceremony and official launch of the Ada Byron Award for Women Technologists Chile 2022. This initiative seeks to reward and highlight the work of women in technological areas, engineering and other scientific fields closely related to technology, and whose career has been particularly relevant to society.

The award is inspired by those women who have been contributing to different scientific disciplines for centuries such as Ada Byron, the first person in history to carry out programming in the field of computer science and who gives her name to this award.

In its internationalisation process, this initiative, promoted by the University of Deusto, Spain, since 2014, is being organised in parallel in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. As of 2022, Andrés Bello University will be the institution hosting the award in Chile.

At the event, Dr Carolina Torrealba, who will take over as Vice-Rector for Research and Doctoral Studies at UNAB on 1 September this year, will give a presentation in which she will address the gender footprint and the importance of women’s participation in science.

The Jury and Scientific Committee of the Award will also be presented, made up of leading figures from the public and private sectors, whose work and careers are related to the scientific-technological world and gender equality.

The event will be held on Friday 9 September at 11:00 (Chile time) at the Antonio Varas Campus Theatre, located at Antonio Varas 880, Providencia, Santiago.


Ada Byron Chile 2022 Award promotional video

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